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Although similar to Matwork, is in itself a unique program which outlays the process of efficient "muscle recruitment patterns" combined with body core strengthening. Its specialized equipment primarily supports the mobilization and stabilization of the spine, emphasizing on the value of achieving a functional "strength and length" body. Restored for a more balanced muskuloskeletal system. The following Pilates Equipment are available at The BodyWorker.

MAT WORK (with fundamentals)

  • Allows you to master your "powerhouse" or the core muscles of your abdominal. Essentially, needed in everyday activities, engaging the core muscles is vital to re-sculpting your body. It is were all strengths begin promoting good posture, and on a lighter note combats those love handles.

  • Re-acquaints bones and muscles to functions, which you thought, did not exist. Learns the value of controlling the body movements with the help of ones mind.

  • Pilates exercises/movements allows you to gain confidence in knowing what exercises work and do not work for your body, which will help avoid injuries in the future.

  • Achieve a stress free tension free workout by taking hold of your body by learning to control those muscles.

  • Lengthening and strengthening of muscles keeps you youthful

  • Adjusts to your most common pains and injuries

  • The program causes no pain! In fact lower back; knee and neck pain is alleviated.

  • Creates a more refines and graceful you. Its individualized and personalized approach achieves a more positive and permanent solution to your choice of healthy living.                                                                     

What is Pilates? | Benefits of Pilates | About Pilates | Can I do Pilates? | Kinds of Pilates | Healing | Reservations | Services | Contact Us