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Developed by the late 1900. Joseph Hubertus Pilates (born in 1880-Dusseldorf Germany) created a body balancing system primarily in search for a solution to his frail body.

He was influenced by many personal experiences of movement techniques. Ranging from "Yoga to the study of different animal movements". The story is told, "When World War I broke, he at that time was working in England as a nurse in a hospital which took care of injured soldiers. And having sensed the need for a proper rehabilitation program, Joseph took apart coils from the hospital bed, strapped it into pipes and on the other end connected it for soldiers -to hold on to or to be strapped on to, developing a system of strengthening the "core" or abdominal muscles of soldiers" who had been incapacitated for long periods.

In America his experience with dance masters like George Balanchine and Martha Graham further developed his ideas into a more popular and preferred therapeutic exercise for the injured. He was to many a Renaissance Man. He is credited for having developed a program, which can be adapted to any kind of lifestyle and even to all kinds of physical challenges.


There have been some serious discussions on the quality of "real" and honest to goodness "Pilates" instruction.

On October 20, 2000, The Manhattan Federal District Court ruled, "Pilates is a method of exercise. Like Yoga and Karate" and "cannot be monopolized!" As a result certified instructors are free to set up their own studios "allowing the public its use" of Joseph Pilates' method. And the rest of the world, the ever-growing Pilates community now reaps its benefits.

Pilates is becoming a "major trend". Professional training and the array of equipment all over the world are quite numerous in choices and in quality. Pilates today is " grounded with a basic knowledge of functional anatomy, biomechanics and movement dynamics" instructors should be up to date with published journals and certification on training upgrades. Knowledge backed up by "thousands of hours" of experience, constantly challenging its clients with many varieties, a Pilates workout can offer. As Joan Breibart would say "The challenge is in perfecting the form." But form would take time to perfect because our bodies are constantly changing on a day-to-day basis.

Learn the process first. Absorb its values and most of all enjoy it! After all if you really like what you're doing you will make it a lifetime discipline. Just like Jo!

What is Pilates? | Benefits of Pilates | About Pilates | Can I do Pilates? | Kinds of Pilates | Healing | Reservations | Services | Contact Us