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I have been practicing The Method of Pilates since 1998.

After final certification at Sta. Fe, New Mexico, USA in 2001, I came back to the Philippines with a technical know-how and a unique value that would allow me to teach people what their bodies were requiring from them. Living in New Mexico gave me a new outlook, where Pilates could be experienced in so many variations with other modalities.

From my school (a picturesque desert view around 12,000 ft. high), you could hear yogis chanting nearby. Life was laid back. Food was organic and whole. Quite surprisingly and somewhat refreshing, deodorant was hardly used!  The ‘natural’ was the fashion! Somehow, I was lucky to sit on a “sacred” mountain where the frequency was ripe for an alternative approach to living well. People were extremely kind and giving, and even if training was brutal, I felt I was on the right track!

By 2002, I set up my own studio and I have been honing my craft since then. I eased into this community, and the required training and workshops (with great masters such as the late Ron Fletcher, etc.) kept me updated with current studies. Of course, my favorite is the day-to-day immersions with clienteles’ needs.

I then developed my own style of teaching.  I specialized with clients who were challenged with spinal issues. I had worked with Rehab specialists like Dr. Tyrone Reyes & Dr. Svetlana Aycardo, Kristine Warren (Sports Physiotherapist. PTRP), with surgeon Dr. Jose Raul Canlas. Working with brilliant physicians who accepted my gift is by my own standard a miracle by itself! I am grateful they have included and accepted me in their world.

Years later, I was referred to Fr. Bulatao (referred by the late Ramon Cuervo of Opus Dei). This gifted “jedi master” clothed in Jesuit garb, was the kindest, most intelligent, compassionate and most gifted human being, who, at the age of 4, made chickens sit motionless! I digress! “Father Bu” took time to heal me, patiently weaving back shredded remnants of myself, and from there it was as if the universe allowed me to meet wonderful people who directly and indirectly made me a light worker: Reiki and Kabbalist healers/protectors, Sarah and Robert Rubin (Mysterium - I know the universe made sure I was guided at Fully Booked), the Institute of Inner Studies through Master Choa Kok Sui’s life works (Danny Gorgonia and Pranic Foundation), Judy Papeck, the ultimate scanner, especially when am in doubt, she is my wonderful validator. Judy’s calm demeanor is worth emulating, such a powerful healer! All of them grounded me with the technical and deeper approach to using energy as a form of healing.

And finally, it was when I met Jaime Lichauco who taught me the numerous factual, yet divinely and magically experiential (“not from this dimension”) approach to understanding what cannot be perceived, and often times cannot be said. I thank The Golden One for sharing his life and time with me.

Plus many other numerous teachers who have come and gone, and left me to be who and what I am today. I am thankful. I am humbled. I let the karmic forces bless you!

But alas, on March 12, 2010 a dump truck collided with my vehicle along C.P. Garcia Street, Quezon City.

This accident put a drastic halt in my life. I couldn’t function decently for at least three months. I could only pray and meditate as often as I could especially when physical pain was unbearable. My perspectives have been rocked to its core - a transition once again. I began sensing, “smelling” things, which no words can describe. I had this “sense of knowing”. I could differentiate a scent from a stressed individual as compared to another who had a grave illness. It was my first “noticeable” gift.

A few more months went by, and I started to “see” - seeing the “things I saw before”, but they were more detailed. I began seeing magnetic fields, bone structures, passages of electric current, shapes, colors… which meant what?  I could not discuss this with anyone. It was too weird!  A sense of knowing, of feeling and remembering, it was crazy! What did this all mean?

Luckily, it was about the same time when Dr. Helen G. introduced me to Ang Suh. I finally knew what I was supposed to do!

On June 2, 2017, I graduated from Ateneo De Manila, Healthdev (Loyola Campus), (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I thank Dr. Francisco "Kit" Navarro for believing in me and Dr. Jake Aniban for allowing me to expand my gift. Most especially to Dr. Francis Ras.... without his encouragement, I would not be in this new path. I am grateful.

In the end, people ask me what I do exactly. This is what I say to them:

In a nutshell, I manipulate frequency.

I always call in the Divine when I work with frequency.  

I can use my intentions, my thoughts, my emotions, my hands, crystals and even sounds to manipulate frequency.

The vibration of frequency has no barriers. It cannot be destroyed. I choose to use it for good. I choose to heal.

I foresee in the future everyone will have their “own” way of grasping “the chi” in them.


For inquiries on Healing email us at pagbuti@yahoo.com

What is Pilates? | Benefits of Pilates | About Pilates | Can I do Pilates? | Kinds of Pilates | Healing | Reservations | Services | Contact Us